Why “Beating The Cold” Is A F*cking Lie

OK, I’m just going to vent here. No amount of special fabric can keep the cold out in winter when you’re working out. It can’t be done unless you’re wearing a million heavy layers. If you’re body fat percentage is as low as mine no ‘new technology’ is going to help unless it’s a digitally charged self-warming coat. Which, they have these days for $3,000 and I want but can’t afford. I digress.

You Can’t Beat The Cold

Being in advertising it’s easy for me to understand an embellishment strategy when I see one. And any clothing brand this winter that keeps on trying to sell me ‘winter proof’ clothing will feel my wrath. (As I yell at the tv or my computer screen in total annoyance.)

So, how am I going to be ‘beating the cold’ this winter? My working out inside. With a sports bra, t-shirt, and jacket on… with long leggings. #Layers, people.

Many probably disagree with me… but I don’t really care. This was primarily to rant. Thanks for reading!