The Benefit Of A Workout Buddy

I love having someone to work out with; not every day. But most days so that we can both rely on one another and keep track of goals with a support system. Having other people in your corner can be a huge help on the journey towards your fitness goals. And, trust me, it’s a rough journey. For me it’s taken longer than what feels like the average person with little to no improvement but I’m further down the path than I was at the beginning of the year. And, it’s because of the fact that I’ve created buddies I can work out with to keep me on track!

Don’t believe me that a buddy is better than flying solo? Here are some reasons why you should find a work out partner STAT:

  1. AccountabilityThey will hold you accountable for your behavior. If you don’t go they will let you know that it was your fault assuming that it was. When you try to weasel out of something… think again. They won’t let you get away with it! You’ll have to go and they’ll have to go with you. 
  2. Support – On the other hand if you really couldn’t go then they will be a shoulder for you to cry on. If you start to feel down on yourself  for not making the gains that you want they can cheer you up and encourage you to keep going. It can be hard to go through such a long journey alone and having someone there to comfort you.
  3. FunGoing to the gym with another person is just more fun! Plain and simple. It doesn’t stop you from getting in the zone and for days where you’re feeling ‘off’ you can just be out of the zone together and make it more entertaining. 

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