Booty Blast Workout

Everyone wants the coveted booty only found on Instagram girls around the globe. A small disclaimer I would like to put in this post is that having realistic goals is key; I have always had a very small frame and thusly a very small booty. And, it would be unrealistic of me to choose a goal that is centered around a woman with very different genetic pre-dispositions to fat placement and lots of photoshop. So, please! Select a goal that makes sense for YOUR body instead of trying to turn it into something it simply physically cannot be. Do 15 reps of each exercise for two rounds.

Standing Cable Kick Backs – Booty blaster you’ll kick yourself if you keep out of your routine (bad joke, I know)

Weighted Lunges (Dumbbell, Barbell OR Smith Machine) – Personally, I don’t like walking with a bar on my back so I opt for the dumbbells or putting my leg up on a bench behind me and doing one leg at a time on the smith machine. The latter seems to have a better effect where as I enjoy the former more. Shout out to the stunning alicehedenstedt!

Weighted Hip Bridges – A classic but something you should definitely add weight to if your looking to make them gains. Now, this wonderful woman is killing it. Don’t be afraid to start with the bar on it’s own. Even at my peak I could only get one plate on each side. laurensimpson is an incredible woman for some inspiration! 

Weighted Squats – You know what this is all about, get it! l.mllr

Weighted Step Ups (Barbell OR Dumbbell) – I prefer dumbbells, again, because I’m not too fond of barbells in this case. If you want to see this move taken to the next level, though, check it out. I don’t know how rutinasfitnessencasa does it. Talk about goals!

Single-Leg Kettle Bell DeadLift – Scoliosis makes this one rough on me due to uneven balance. It’s great for most people and I would highly recommend it for sure. Make sure the weight is strong enough to add resistance but not so much so that you may hurt your back.

Donkey Kicks On Smith Machine – I know it seems like there are tons of variations of this including what was listed first. However, they do work slightly different groups of your butt and if you want a big booty don’t be scared to work it! This move works every time for me as long as the weight is heavy enough.

Sitting Smith Machine Hip Thrust – This move is something that’s new to me which is why I’m showing one of my favorite local fit girls doing an example of this move. Relatively new on the scene I find this move to be effective once you have your weights figured out. My shoes hurt me in this move so I take them off. coley_baby_

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