Health Goth: Healthy Meets Raising Hell

To be put pliantly, a Health Goth is just goth people who are just as obsessive about the gym as other people… they’re just goth.  It’s having an appreciation for both Hot Topic and Equinox. It’s about creating a blend of sporty and a no fucks given attitude. After all, as much as goths like myself adore coffins we’re not in one yet so why not eat right? The term was coined by cool Portland musicians Mike Grabarek and Jeremy Scott. They told the magazine that they were “attributing a name to describe a feeling that already existed.” That feeling of sadness, but also sportiness. Anyway, you get the picture. You go to the gym and productively let out your angst about the world on a treadmill. 

What KIND of fitness do Health Goths engage in?

Anything, however, having tried it all (due to my unhealthy obsession for novelty and curiosity in the fitness realm) and there are a few places in which I found more Health Goths lurking than the usual:

  • Anything that has a circus element to it: Trapeeze, Silks, Lyra + pole.
  • Weight lifting
  • Halloween themed 5K’s

You most definitely will not a health goth hanging out in SoulCycle. That being said, cycling isn’t out as long as the branding isn’t so loudly trendy. (Rebel Cycle, Rideology, etc.) And, I’m far more lenient in that regard than your typical Health Goth. As much as I love indulging in the macabre and dark, every now and again it doesn’t hurt to gab a green drink with the rest of the yoga obsessed ex-cheerleaders. They need green drinks too.

Incase you need a starter suggestion for songs to jog to in utter annoyance about life on the treadmill:

Many argue the health goth trend is dead. Well, my misanthropic tendencies certainly aren’t dead and neither is my desire to have a body of an immortal vampire goddess so… no. The health goth trend is NOT dead for this goth girl.

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