Healthy Thanksgiving Hack: Yummy Eats + More

It’s temping to over eat during the holidays. And, thinking about it, I don’t know that it’s the food itself that’s the problem. Often times Thanksgiving meals are comprised of things that are generally pretty healthy. From chicken for protein and veggies with carbs. But, if you know you can’t resist the chocolate pie and sugary treats then here is a Thanksgiving hack or two in order to avoid any issues going into the much anticipated holiday season!

  • Eat As Much As You Want: As long as it’s stuff that you would have eaten during your health weeks anyway. Just be careful about what you’re eating not necessarily how much you’re eating. Don’t beat yourself up about the second serving of turkey. It’s just more protein! But stay away from the desserts and butter drenched delicacies. 
  • Only Do One Dinner: Instead of going to friends giving and family thanksgiving and your spouses and your sisters, just go to one and really live it up at that one dinner versus living it up at several. They’ll be ok without you. A
  • Don’t Be Shy About Requests: If you have a diet restriction don’t keep it to yourself! Tell the person preparing the dinner so they can accommodate you. That way you’ll be less likely to break your own eating rules to meet your fitness goals. A valuable Thanksgiving hack if there ever was one. 
  • F*cking Skip It: I hate Thanksgiving, and not participating is my favorite Thanksgiving hack since it’s so awful for me. I may make an appearance at my family’s very briefly but for the most part I tend to do something on my own with my cat or with a friend. Sometimes family stress just isn’t worth all the drama. Don’t feel bad about skipping out if it isn’t worth it!