How To Make Meal Prep Easy

5 Meal-Prepping Perks

  • You’ll have a fridge full of ready-to-eat foods for the good ‘ole fridge at work. Foods that will fuel your body, fuel your workouts and make the healthy choice the easy choice all week long.
  • You’ll save lots oftime during the week. No more running to the grocery store to pick up kore food you keep running out of or spending an hour or two in the kitchen each night preparing a meal.
  • You’ll reduce food waste because you’ll be more aware of what you have on hand and what you need to use up before it reaches its expiration date.
  • Saving tons of mulch! Knowing what you have on hand and what you need to use up will avoid doubling up on ingredients or making random buys at the grocery store.
  • You’ll reduce your stress. Knowing that you have a fridge full of foods to take to work will make you feel much better. You’ll always have the answer to the “what am I going to eat?” question!

5 Basic Steps to a Successful Meal Prep

  1. Make a menu for the week with a grocery list that matches. Once you know what you have on hand it’s time to make your menu. I also recommend prepping at least one freezer-friendly recipe. Double the recipe so that you can enjoy it during the coming week and also have something to stock your freezer with for a future, easy weeknight dinner.
  2. Shop for groceries. Planning a Sunday meal prep? Then I recommend shopping on Saturday so that the food is still good.
  3. Put the groceries away and pre-wash and chop as much produce as you can. This will help your meal prep go much smoother and save you time. I’m all about saving time!
  4. Clean your kitchen. At the end of your meal prep clean up so you won’t add the stress of the cleaning to your plate. Not worth it!
  5. Turn on the tunes and start cooking! I recommend starting with the items that take the longest. These are typically the foods that have to bake or that are made in a slow cooker.