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The element of exercise made a big entrance in 2017. In later years it was all about pushing yourself as far as possible…. almost regardless of the hidden costs. I had been one of those people that believed in pushing past the pain, queasy stomach, or whatever just to meet your goal. Because of the explosion of information last year I learned the importance of R+R. Something I noticed, however, was that myself and my friend seemed to need more or less recovery time.

Resting gives your body the opportunity to repair the damage that’s been done to muscle fibers and deliver proteins to reduce inflammation and provide oxygen to promote the growth of newer, stronger muscle cells.

For some of those around me it took days for them to recover from a hard-core spin class or weight lifting session. However, I find myself capable of another intense workout (perhaps not in the same muscle group as I tend to get super sore) the very next day.

But what if you could optimize rest on the genetic level? Well, with the information provided by Orig3n you can. Orig3n is a 26-gene profile that helps you understand how your DNA effects you fitness potential… including your ability recover after a tough day at the gym. Information like this is a powerful tool to help you move forward with your fitness goals; knowledge is power and Orig3n gives you the unique knowledge you need to create the most effective strategy moving forward. I got the test done and am excited to see the difference between what my experience of my body has been and the conclusions i’ve drawn versus the genetic reality.

What I Think I know About My Body:

I think genetically I might be inclined to an above average recovery time. If, that doesn’t turn out to be the case then it must be above average motivation. However, I do believe that my Protein Coding gene(s) in the case of recovery is in a lucky position. I seem to be able to get back into performance mode a little faster than those around me.

Test Results:

•Exercise recovery (NFE2L2) – Adapt, only 5% of the population has my result which is when your body has the least amount of protection against exercise induced inflammation. There I’m more injury prone and it’s super easy to over-work the muscles which then lead to injury.

•Cell repair (SOD2) – Normal with 40% of the population landing in this result. Basically my body needs a little extra help with vitamins to recover at a rate that will allow me to work out intensely again in the near future.

Lessons Learned:

To be honest I’m totally shocked…. what do you mean I’m in the categories of people that essentially have some of the hardest time recovering and avoiding injury!? I push through the pain weekly to continue. Now I know that my motivation might be more of a hindrance than benefit. And I know that my motivation is real. And, it’s good to know that despite being in the ‘normal’ category and even the disadvantage of being in the worst recovery category I still work hard.

Recovery Tips:

Don’t skip the post workout protein shake. Your body needs proteins to rebuild stronger muscle fibers and provide oxygen to the parts of your body that are now inflamed. Make your shake before going to the gym and put it in your locker so it’s ready for you when you’re done. OR make it your first priority after hitting your workout.

Sleep is hugely important in giving your body the necessary tools to heal. Imagine that you’re a cyborg. Like 2B and A2 in Nier Automata…. or your cell phone. Charging up is what gives the phone the juice to preform all necessary tasks throughout the day. But, as the day goes on you loose energy from the output of daily life. Charging time is crucial to being able to preform moving forward. And, some of us need more sleep than others. According to another genetic test performed by Orig3n, I found that ARNTL (the gene that determines how much sleep you need) I’m in the Normal Category. In other words, I need 7-8 hours to function properly. 8% of the population only requires 6-7 and a mere 2% of the population only requires 5-6. I am NOT one of those people. So I have to be good about packing in all 8 hours on the daily.

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