pHenOH Alkaline Water Review

Alkaline water, what is it? “Alkaline water has a higher pH level than regular drinking water. Because of this, some advocates of alkaline water believe it can neutralize the acid in your body. Normal drinking water generally has a neutral pH of 7.” So, in other words it has a higher pH balance which many believe can lead to a number health benefits. There is a myriad of brands out there that are jumping on the band wagon. pHenOH Alkaline Water is the brand that I tested with a goal for 7 days. The goal? Make running easier. I hate running. It sucks; like a lot. I can run a 13 minute mile on a bad day and I would like my mile to be an easy 10 minute mile.

Alkaline WaterDay 1: The flavor is a little rough. However, I think I chose the option with the most opposing flavors. Coconut and mango maybe wasn’t the best idea. Run time at 13 minute mile. Total I’m drinking two of these bottles a day . Plant based nutrients claim to improve performance, cardiovascular health, and more. Hopefully it’s the cardiovascular that I’ll see the most improvement on!

Day 3: I’ve gotten more used to the flavor as time has gone on. It’s super yummy chilled or even blended with ice. Running overall seems a little easier, I haven’t been looking down praying for the mile to be done quite as early (usually around half a mile) however my time still seems to be hanging around 13 minutes.

Day 5: Success! I’ve officially ran a 11.55 minute mile. The best I’ve ever done. It was just as hard as it sounds and I imagine it to be but I actually made it. And that’s something that’s hugely new to me.

Day 7: Totally counting it! 10:45 mile. Wow. Covered in sweat and feeling exactly like how it must feel to die from totally inadequate cardiovascular health I did it. Overall through the process of drinking this water I’ve felt as if my energy was sustained a little bit more overall during the day. Not by a large leap, but at least by a fraction which is an awesome benefit for the fitness bunny that doesn’t use pre-workout. Or even the busy business woman who doesn’t want to opt for coffee or energy drinks.

Recover time, for me, has always been a little slow. Maybe I’m over doing it at the gym but this didn’t seem to help me with that piece of the puzzle. But, I can deal with that. The sustained energy and cardiovascular health are my priorities an it totally helped out.

Final Thoughts: I would love to try a different flavor in the future as I’ve heard good things about the others. The benefits they highlight on the bottle and in marketing campaigns seem to have appeared for me. Not all of them, but the two that I, personally, care the most about: cardiovascular health, sustained energy, lower sugar, and dental benefits. We all know how important it is to stay hydrated! So stay hydrated wth pHenOH.

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