Salt Lake Tennis And Health Club Review

There is a new gym on the block; Salt Lake Tennis and Health Club! Every new gym deserves a chance; and because it’s of interest to me to see what the vibe is like at any new gym I went to check it out. I was given a 7 day pass which allowed me to full explore their wide range of services, classes, and gym facilities.

Day 1: The Facility

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It’s clear that they’re in the beginning stages of opening up. The location is spacious and has opportunity for a wide variety of offerings. Some of which they’ve already taken advantage of through Tennis offerings that play a huge role in their services, a basketball court, cycling room, and more. There is a ton of potential but they have a little ways to go. The women’s locker room is still being built and the old one is definitely in need of some updates. Decor isn’t at its peak but I think it can be. Overall it’s obvious they have a while to go before they’re everything Salt Lake Tennis and Health Club could be. But, for now, it works.

Day 2: Weight Lifting

They have a variety of machines along with free weights. I liked that some of their machines were multi-use so I could set up at one machine for all of my moves of the day. And, on leg day, that totally worked out. However, on arm day there wasn’t quite enough room for everyone who decided it was arm day that day. (And it felt like that was the entire gym.) In conclusion the weight lifting area I felt was sufficient to get in a quality workout. Plus, they had that days workout for members on the white board to follow along with. Perfect for newbies or people who don’t like making their own routines.

Day 3: Yoga Class

Small didn’t even begin to cover it! Just me and one other guy + the instructor. This is all preference. Do you like big classes or one-on-one? New favorite yoga pose: Wild Thing. On other people. I can’t do it.

Day 4: Cycling Class 

Salt Lake Tennis And Health Club

I liked the class but I always like spin class! It wasn’t exactly what I’m used to coming from a bunch of spin boutiques but it was a great class that created a sweat and got me moving.

Day 5: Price Point

I think that the price point can be great depending on your lifestyle. Ultimately for an individual it would shake out to being around $79 per month at Salt Lake Tennis and Health Club. For me, personally, I would prefer a gym closer to me with a higher scale feeling (like The Gym at City Creek) since I’m paying that much anyway. Like I had mentioned, they have potential but they aren’t quite their yet. Cafe is existing but not open. Construction is still in the process for the women locker room. For that amount a month I would prefer the ‘posh life’ gym that already has their sh*t figured out. Long story short: Not totally my thing where they are at right now.


If you’re a family then the price point is great. You can teach your kids a new skill in on the tennis court, the boys can shoot hoops in the basketball court while mom and dad are lifting weights or even playing tennis themselves. $149 per month for a whole family in Utah can be a great deal. That can end up being a pretty adorable amount per person.

Day 6: Trainers

It can be hared to find a trainer that’s worth-while. A trainer that takes your dreams and goals as seriously as their own. Chains often times just have young kids that like to lift themselves but aren’t experts in their field. At Salt Lake Tennis + Health club that was not the case. The trainer I got to know was knowledgeable, excited to help me through my transformation, and had unique ideas to fit my specific needs. The other trainers I talked to seemed to be like-minded.

Day 7: Final Thoughts

The community at Salt Lake Tennis and Health club was rad. The people were familiar with one another and truly had friends there that cared about their fitness journey. It’s so encouraging to see that in the world and I liked that people started to ask how I was when I walked through the door. It’s the prefect place for families. Though, I don’t believe that I’m their target market; it’s not the ideal location for young professionals looking to lift weights, get shakes + snap selfies. The final result after all of the construction will be interesting and I would love to re-visit this gym then. It’s located in Sugar House which would be ideal for many people versus downtown which is ideal for me. All-in-all it’s a good gym with good people. There is room for improvement and it’s not where I would be prepared to call my fitness home. But for many, I think Salt Lake Tennis and Health Club could be.

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