Yoga Technology // Wearables To Improve Your Practice

Yoga and tech aren’t typically synonymous with one another; tech is about deep thinking and forward progression while yoga is about internal spiritual reflection and stillness.  However technology is making strides so yogi’s aren’t completely left out of the technology advancement loop. Personally, I can’t wait until that tech comes further along so we can begin to reap the benefits of data to help our practice become better and better over time. A few companies are at the forefront, creating yoga technology products that will change the yoga game:

Nadi X is the first, they are basically a fancy pair of yoga pants that vibrate to correct your form during practice. “Nadi X is a line of tights that communicate on the body to correct your form. Specializing in human/computer interaction, Wearable Experiments have created a language that allows the skin to become the interface using directional haptic feedback.” Ghost In The Shell, much? Honestly that’s why I love it. Machine speaking to human DNA? #Incredible.

Not Currently On The Market (I signed up to be an experimenter and hope to be chosen!)

SmartMat is another on the forefront of yoga technology. “SmartMat detects when you’re out of alignment and gives you real-time feedback on how to correct your pose.” The idea is the same as the above product however it’s part of the yoga mat itself versus being a direct wearable. It can keep track of your progress as you continue to learn how to perfect your favorite poses. Data meets mindfulness on this mat. #DataMeetsMindfulness

Pre-Sale is currently sold out at $225 and will be on market for $500

Fitbit Alta is one of my favorite fitness pieces of tech for any kind of exercise. And, it’s no different from yoga. Even if you can’t have vibrating pants or smart mats you can track your yoga session that day.

$100 for basic model