Holiday Shopping Lists

I’m going to be honest: holiday shopping stresses me out. It really, really, does. Like, I’m the person who does it early in June so I don’t have be thinking about it during holiday season. But, incase you need ideas or have just now started your shopping here are some ideas to get you on the right track for the important people in your life:

Shopping List For The Fit Chick

  1. Cute Booty Lounge L.A. Leggings – Every fit chick knows how fast you go through leggings. They take a lot of wear and tear so the more the better! Plus these are the kind that Lexy Panterra wears, if you don’t know who she is… #BootyGoals. It’s honestly the perfect, functional gift for your friend who is super into fitness. (Or basketball shorts if you’re looking for a guy!)
  2. Invisobobble Hair RingsThey’re stylish, look like bracelets, and don’t pull your hair. Enough said. 
  3. Ritual Vitamin SubscriptionCustomized and only like $10 a month, super cheap and custom gift for the girl who loves staying healthy. Plus the cute little packets have your name on them! How fun. 🙂 

Shopping List For The Distinguished Man

  1. Prada After Shave Balm – This is for the guy who really cares about this skincare and about quality products. He’ll love this after shave by Prada. The bottle is cool and edgy… much like after shave.
  2. Cuff WatchA watch is a great stand by for a guy assuming that he’ll wear it at all. But, if he will then it will be a great addition to his daily wear. And, everyone should accessorize a little! Including your man. Personally, the more goth the watch, the better. 😉 
  3. A Night OutA night out at the strip club. I know that sounds crazy for most but if you’re an adventurous couple it can be a fun night out and he’ll be sure to love it. Bring some cash on you and take on the responsibility of tipping, get tipsy, then go home and show him your own skills! 

Shopping List For The Ultra Lux Mom

  1. Pink Metallic Portable Speaker Great for the mom that insists on blasting her 80’s music at home, at work, while showering, etc. She’ll love the color and your budget will love you.
  2. Channel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum –  Moisturizes and plumps which gets rid of fine lines and feels like a spa treatment at home. A great product for moms looking to turn back the clock to feel + look a little younger. Plus it’s super luxurious. 
  3. Roses Are Red Wine Canvas BagThis is for the wine mom in your life, I know there are many in this world; my boyfriend’s mom is way into wine but mine isn’t. So, I thought I would put this up for those who have moms that are wine enthusiasts. Plus it’s a super cute canvas bag. 

Basic Shopping List For Friends

  1. Pink Tea Sleeping PackThe cup that comes with it is perfect for your best friend who loves pink everything. If she reminds you of bubble gum and doesn’t get enough sleep? Then this affordable gift is perfect for her. 
  2. Happy PillsA candy store chain in Spain I love that ships internationally, you choose your candy and your bottle label. It’s anything from sexual impenitence to being prettier than all your friends. The labels are SO fun and you can pick the candy. They even have a label for ‘when the wifi is down.’ Which, I think we all need.
  3. Plusheen Ice Cream PlushPerfect for friends with cats, Pusheen took stickers and emoji’s by storm this last year, so get a cat for your cat loving friend or turn someone into a cat lover with this plush.