Keep Up With Tech // The List To Help You Stay Updated

Staying up to date in the tech industry can be rough. Especially since most of today’s population is essentially time broke. Downloading data into the human mind can take a long period of time — especially when your data plan is limited. [Androids like myself still bug out on overload!]

<div> Podcasts </div>

Let’s Make Mistakes // I dig these peeps for their vast knowledge of the tech industry and snarky attitudes. They have fun and present interesting technology information in a digestible and relatableย way to help you keep up with the trends.

TED Talks // Inspiration out the yin yang.

<div> Blogs </div>

Tech In Heels // I love this girls awesome aesthetic on social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram. Making tech look feminine yet still powerful. Perfect for gals looking for a blend of pink scallop and digital vibes.

Furthermore by Equinox // For those who love fitness tech. This blog covers everything to do with the health industry and what is up and coming on the forefront of technology for health and fitness. One of my personal favorites.

Electric Runway // A perfect choice for the forward-thinking modernized fashionistas out there. They cover the cutting edge of fashion technology.

This list is ever growing and expanding check back to see new additions!



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