How To Keep Your Zen During Weather Changing

Ohhh, yes! Seasonal depression. I am staring you in the face, aren’t I? We’re almost there. And, it definitely is a big part of my life that I’ve learned to contend with but am annoyed even exits. It’s a big problem for many people so I decided to write this little piece on how to stay zen through this cosmic / nature shift. There is a simple trick I like to use that can give you the power to press your inner pause button so that you can respond thoughtfully instead of react and then regret. It’s called doing your best to keep your sh*t together through lots of breathing and zen faking.

We have over 50,000 thoughts everyday, trying to steal our attention away from the present moment. Most of them are not only repetitive but unnecessary, triggered by things that happened in the past or by future events that haven’t even happened yet. It can make us depressed, anxious and unproductive. Breathing is what keeps us grounded, so when you find your mind starting to do these things go back to your breath. It’s constant, the same daily, and pulls you right back to the present.

Salt Lake City Blogger

So, when you notice yourself getting triggered by others or by situations, press pause, find a quiet space, and  calm yourself down simply by breathing. The more you choose to retrain your brain, the more you will be able to control it so that you become less reactive and more responsive. You can train your brain you just have to do some baby sitting. Some monitoring until it becomes second nature.

By creating moments that we can pause in will help our minds be still. It takes work and it’s a habit that you have to build over time versus expecting it to work right away, check out my 30 day mediation challenge for practice!