My Letter To Santa

Santa Baby, 

If you could please slip some skulls¬†under the tree, for me. I’ve been a goth girl all year, and I need more dark decor. One can never have enough black, really. Or skulls, I might have to put some rhinestones on that skull planter then it will be totally perfect!

A 2017 convertible Corvette too, midnight blue. I’ll wait up for you dear. Santa baby, if you could also please pay off my current vehicle so that I don’t have to deal with it that would be GREAT!

Think of all the fun that I didn’t miss, and all the people that I… well… kissed. You could be on that list if you just make my wishes come true.

Basically anything from Cryptic Cosmetics, and really that’s not a lot. I’ve been an angel all year; I swear. One more thing I really do need… the receipt to an all inclusive vacation resort. I promise we’ll drink at every port.

– Ashley

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