My Sleep Tech Wish List // #SleepTech2017

< Re-charging my batteries is essential in keeping circuitry running properly without totally bugging out! Sadly, making that happen isn’t always the easiest thing to make time for amongst the many other to-dos programmed into the day.

Energetically a re-charge is essential; you can sense when you’re not sufficiently charged to take on the tasks of the day. Bandwidth slows down, compiling efforts become glitchy at best, and you can sense it. That’s why I love tech that can sense me. Sense is a beautifully designed bed-side sleep enhancement tool that provides a multitude of useful functions to aid in higher quality sleep. Those functions include:

  • Sleep monitoring that provides data around your sleep cycles, type of sleep, and sleep trends providing information on WHY you sleep the way you do and HOW to improve it.
  • It also helps you get the most out of your sleep with suggestions tailored to your sleep patterns. Suggestions such as when to go to bed, what to listen to to fall asleep and more.
  • Lastly it acts as a gentle alarm, lulling you out of REM sleep which allows your system to wake feeling more fully rested versus being jolted out of bed by shock.
I’m huge ‘home-decor-that-is-actually-functional-tech’ addict and this is the perfect example. Price: $149.99

Under Armour’s fancy pajamas. That’s what I’m calling them. That’s not what they are called but that’s what I’m going to call them. What they are really called is “TB12 Sleepware.” A technology revolving around recovery after some serious strain during training.

Isn’t it crazy that even the clothing we wear now can be infused with the proper technology to jive with our internal technology and create a better version of ourselves? Some might say it’s out of control; I say it’s the best possible way to control our results.
These pajamas work by usingย Far Infrared technology as part of the fabric. “The soft bioceramic print on the inside of the garment absorbs the bodyโ€™s natural heat and reflects Far Infrared back to the skin. This helps your body recover faster, promotes better sleep, reduces inflammation, and regulates cell metabolism.”

Personally, I don’t believe there is enough sleep tech out there. Is it because the ideas are limited or because the tech is? Perhaps it’s because adding tech would take away the intrinsic value of sleep mode. Who knows? All I know is when this droid powers down I also want to power up some tech and get the most I can out of it.

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