New Years Resolution

The mistake I make every year when it comes to resolutions is that I end up choosing goals that set me up for failure. Have a perfect diet all year round, workout daily without fail, bolster my self-esteem to become an unshakeable force. These bars are too high for any human to accomplish all at one time or even in a year. The other problem is that I would choose goals that were secretly making everyone else happy… not me. Which is total bull sh*t.

So this year I have strived to compile resolutions that are realistic, celebrate my individuality, and promote an unapologetically deviant lifestyle. Many of these resolutions have come up before and will probably always be a work in progress. Which, is perfect if you think about it because I’m not striving for perfection. I’m striving for progress.

Good Girl:

Model UtahRecharge My Batteries – How is this for some real talk: I go to bed way too late (1:30am) on weekdays which can’t keep on happening because I end up going to work looking like “The Walk of Shame” 4 days out of the week. Not cool. Not in line with my career goals. Not projecting the image I want my boss to see. Not gunna keep on happening in 2018. Weekday bedtime is now 11:00pm or earlier.

Fit Constancy – When I get to the gym my workouts are killer, but the problem is actually getting there. Given that my fitness blogging is taking off and I’m starting to represent brands I can’t let my gym life take a back seat. No more skipped days! Working out 5 Days a week consistently is the goal here. Being gentle with myself if I’m sick and miss a day is key, and even if I go and it’s not the best workout at least I went. I’m not looking for a perfect workout every time. Just one that happens.

Cook More +  Cheat Less – I often save money by not buying food and end up regretting it because then I don’t eat all day or just eat out anyway. Totally counter intuitive to building the body I’m trying to achieve. Buy9ing food has to stop feeling like an unnecessary expense. In 2018 I’m going to become comfortable with investing in food and cooking more.

Produce Better Art – Creative endeavors often take much of my time… and I take on too many. In 2018 I need to say ‘no’ more and only produce things I love. Quality versus quantity!

Spend Less Money – Finally have some, can’t spend it all in one place like I usually do. It’s an addiction so it will be rough.

Flex My Muscles – I’ve had a lot of fun the last few years partying my brains out. I think the problem, however, may be that I partied away one too many brain cells/neuron receptors in charge of receiving pleasure and processing emotion properly. Long story short, this girl should probably read more and do some mind exercises during the week.

I’m a firm believer of having vices so you don’t actually go crazy or fall into a deep depression. So this year I’m going to honor those too… and stop caring so much about what people think of me because I do.

Bad B*tch:

model salt lake cityLoose Myself – F*ck the first rule on the weekends. Dancing, finding ways to get out of my mind. That’s something I don’t do enough… getting out of your mind is incredibly healthy.

Have Better Sex – It’s not that the people with whom I choose to do it aren’t good. It’s that I still don’t feel totally into my sexual energy… even after 26 years and I’m sick of feeling shy about it or giving in when I don’t want to. Owning who I am sexually is a big deal and I can’t wait to explore that more next year.

Monthly Themes:

January: No Reservations

February: It’s A Double Pleasure To Deceive The Deceiver

March: Inhibitions Discouraged

April: Prepare To Broaden Horizons

May: Boundaries At My Discretion

June: Rules Are There To Be Broken

July: Curiosity Encouraged

August: Unapologetically Be Myself

September: Be Back In…

October: Dress In A Manner Appropriate For The Occasion

November: Free Spirits Welcomed

December: Wild Card

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