Recovery Tip No.1 // Get Your Ass To Sleep

Recovery is the name of the game this year in the fitness industry; causing professionals, casual athletes and gym rats to re-think their entire training strategy. In the early 2000’s Crossfit found it’s way into the fitness industry and changed the game — creating a standard that made people believe that the only way you could get incredibly fit is by training HARDER pushing FURTHER and, in other words, over-doing it. And in that obsession to increase our rack weights we forgot about the importance of basic maintenance and well thought-out recovery.

sleep tracker

But that’s all starting to change. And, I have the tools to help you figure out how to recover more efficiently so you can be at your best during training to yield the best results. So, I have started this series of recovery tips! The first thing I want to touch on is the most important one in my book: SLEEP. Here are a few reasons why sleep is so important and how to make it a priority:

  • Use A Sleep Tracker: Remember when all our fitness trackers did was tell us how many steps we’ve taken that day? How many calories we’ve burned? Now they’re getting their sh*t together and tracking sleep too! Take advantage of it!
  • Use Data: Using the data from the tip above notice trends. Are you more likely to miss out on sleep on weekends? Learn to accommodate for that and create a game plan.

Everyone Needs A Different Amount: Find a way to determine how many hours of sleep a night YOU personally need. For some 7 is enough and for others 9 is the only amount that will do. I need at least 8 and operate ideally on 9 hours of recharge time.

Educate Yourself: The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time By Arianna Huffington is a great read. It teaches you the importance of sleep and how in today’s society we’re taking it hugely for granted. Trading in our sleep health and ultimately our life longevity for the perception that success equals time spent at work making the big bucks.

REMEBER! Sleep is the number one thing you can do in order to enjoy good training. Sleep is the period in which your circuitry can re-charge and repair broken lines of code with new and improved ones.