Recovery Tip No.2 // Drink Your Water

Just pretend you’re a mermaid. A mermaid that needs water or will shrivel up and look way not cute if not hydrated. Now, drinking water is probably one of my biggest challenges. To me it doesn’t taste good, it makes me too full to eat my meal (which f*cks with my gains). But it’s something you have to get over in order to remain healthy and repair your body after a rough work out where you let your water exit through your pores.

There are a few ways to get water in your system, the first is to get an app on your phone that yells at you every time you don’t drink water or may be behind on your day’s intake. Personally, I had to spring for the water bottle that both glows AND texts me when I haven’t had enough water for the day. Now that’s dedication. Hydration not only helps athletic performance but it also:

  • Helps you loose weight
  • Fights aging
  • Gives you energy
  • Speeds up join and cartilage repair
  • Flushes out unwanted bacteria
  • Reduces acne

In short, tip number 2: Drink your water.