Stay Sane During The Holidays {Goth Girl Style}

This may seem like poor advice, but, f*ck it. It’s my blog so I’m going to say it: embrace the crazy and ride the wave. That’s how you can stay sane during the holidays. Because the reality is there is no escaping it. And to be quite frank my inner (and outward) goth girl knows that crazy is just a normal part of life so accepting it is actually a cathartic way to deal with it. Face it head-on.

Your judgmental mother for whom you can never get the exact right gift? Yup. Just smile and nod when she makes a face this year. Because the faster you nod the faster it’s the next person’s turn to open their present that you nailed. Christmas shopping? Well, just do your best to get it done fast and if you leave it to the last minute get some Red Bull and shop on.

I know it’s probably not what you wanted to hear.. but it’s honestly some of the best and realest advice I could give. BUT! If you were looking for a bulleted list of dark goddess activities to supplement your ‘happy face’ a little longer; here are a few ideas:

  • Bathe In a Witchy Brew: Draw a bath and throw in the stress reducing, black clad, Apocalypse bath bomb by Cosset Bath + Body. Adding lavender to your bath can also help to relieve stress… a yummy smelling way to stay sane during the holidays. 
  • Hide In A dark Hole With Your Familiar: Get some chocolate or some misfortune cookies, your favorite blanket, and your pet. Now, turn on some Netflix and don’t leave the couch a couple Saturdays this month. If other people energize you invite over your best friend or significant other for some chill time with your familiar. But that’s the point. Keep it CHILL and bask in the vibes of your loving familiar. Maybe get them a special treat!
  • Drink Poison Delegacies: Alcohol isn’t good for the body. Let’s be real, but I drink it anyway because sometimes it’s great for the brain. Grab a sugar cube and some absinthe and consult with green fairies one night. Maybe being a little less lucid will help you see more clearly. 
  • Draw Lunar Energy: Many people do this in different ways. For some it’s as basic as lighting a candle on the full moon and for others it’s moonlit meditation. Whatever works for you find a way to harness the grounding yet energizing rays of the moon.
  • Pull Planetary Vibes: Every planet has a different energy and rules a different part of your life. Take look at what part of your life is feeling especially stressful during the holidays then associate the planet related to that area. Then, find out some ways to help that energy become stronger or heal. Here is a quick guide.