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Detecting Problems Is More Precise. X-Rays on the real, tho. Seriously, just had to sit there in the middle of a circular machine that took a 360 view of my teeth. A few manual pictures were also taken but they were expertly taken so it was fast and far and few between. These kinds of technologies were not a thing when I was ten years younger, I swear. But, it’s making dental experiences way less stressful for those who have legitimate fears of the dentist or orthodontist.


No More Bad First Impressions. You know that goopy crap that they stuff in your mouth in order to make a perfect impression of your teeth? In fact, you no doubt still have that taste in your mouth. [Even if it’s been a decade since you’ve had to do that.] But those days are behind us. Intraoral Scanning is where it’s at. ┬áNow with recent advancements in technology pictures can be scanned of your teeth that create a perfect 3D image of each tooth and bite so that the orthodontist and any partnering companies such as Invisalign can create a product that’s custom fit to your teeth — without the mess of impression goop.

Custom Care Coded To YOUR Specifications. All too often orthodontists will fall prey to simply doing whatever will make them the most money OR because they aren’t experienced/educated enough to understand a solution that’s less painful and/or costly. Graham Orthodontics has been great at knowing their stuff and creating a solution for me that has a low pain quotient. Everyone I’ve ever met that has had braces have complained about the immense amount of pain accompanying the process. Well, maybe it’s Dr. Graham, maybe it’s Invisalign or maybe it’s Maybelline but it hasn’t been that bad for me. AND the solution provided was a perfect fit for my lifestyle… without all the extra surgeries the other guys recommended.

Shout out to Dr. Graham and his team at Graham Orthodontics for being incredible to work with! Also to Invisalign for being the solution that straightens my teeth while accommodating vanity. To follow my orthodontic journey go HERE

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