The Anti-Resolutions: What I WON’T Do In 2019

Many people resolve to do specific things in the next year. They raise lofty goals to which they hold themselves accountable then feel bad for not accomplishing later in the year. So, this upcoming year I’m going do anti-resolutions. In other words, the mistakes I made this year that I will refuse to make in the upcoming one. No longer will I hold myself to the ideals that only leave me feeling disappointed that I didn’t meet them. Without further a-do! Here are my anti-resolutions:

  • F*CK Dressing For OthersNo more am I going to choose my attire based on being modest because I’m seeing my mom that day or being overly sexual because I’m seeing my boyfriend that day and I’m petrified his eye will wander. I’m going to wear what I want to wear every day at any given time because I want to. Not because I’m trying to please other people.
  • F*CK Being Distracted At WorkYeah, I goof off. I sometimes spend too much time on the screen… and not the one that has the expense report on it. Time for that to come to an end.
  • F*CK Hangovers – Partying is fun, it really is. And I’m not saying I’m going to stop having fun. But I’m going to stop having so much fun that I find myself worshipping the porcelain throne for hours the next day… the next day being a weekday.¬†
  • F*CK Keeping My Opinion To MyselfNope. No more ignoring a topic just because I don’t want to have a fight in a difference in opinion. I’m going to state it if others are going to state theirs and I’m going to demand respect just as I had given them. I allow people to speak and state their opinion while I keep my mind open but no¬†longer will I sit around being steamed but keeping my mouth shut.