Trust Beauty Enzyme Mask Review

My skin has always been difficult contend with. By no means the perfect Snow White complexion that every girl dreams of… just a lot of sensitive skin cells and temperamental hormones. At some point in time I’ll be able to afford immediate + permanent fixes that only a needle and some serious medical grade chemicals can accomplish. But, for now, I’m going to have to settle for an at home routine to repair what I can and maintain what good skin remains.

I mean, wouldn’t it be awesome if I didn’t need Instagram’s Glamour filter or a bunch of heavy foundation to get a flawless finish? The answer is yes, it would be amazing. And let’s be real, not many of us have that advantage, half the girls on Instagram are lying about their complexion but I don’t want to be one of them. Without foundation my skin is pretty messy, but I’m hoping to find something to fix that.

I found Trust Beauty. At first glance I loved it, the cool blue color pallet and unique branding with product names such as Loyal, Promise, Faith, Commit + Honor. The product in particular that I’m the most stoked about is Honor — their Enzyme Mask.

Trust Beauty’s Honor is packed full of ingredients built to infuse moisture and hydration, fruit enzymes that digest dry cells, adaptogens, + aid in makeup application. I know what you’re thinking: What the heck is an adaptogen or enzyme. Adaptogens helps skin adjust to our ever changing climate. And, in Utah where we have the worst air quality in the nation that could come in super handy. It’s new tech but more and more brands are adapting the idea. (See what I did there) An enzymes in terms of use topically for complexion benefits are used for exfoliation and as an aid against inflammation.

Trust Beauty Mask

I’ve now used the product for a total of four times and have enjoyed it every use. My skin feels smoother, looks younger, and has more of a glow. Overall, I like it a lot! For a mask it’s a little funny to me that it’s clear so I can’t necessarily tell that it’s on so that led me to forget it was there one night, especially since the mask itself is such a thin consistency. That having been said I love beauty products that are thin in their constancy and not thick, I feel like the thinner, more liquid products actually soak into my skin versus sit on top like the thicker creams tend to.

All this having been said I am excited to see the long-term results of Trust Beauty’s entire product line, especially Honor! Something that is certainly recommendable to all beauty addicts out there or skin experts.

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