Best iOS App Story Games

Able Black -My favorite app story game of all time. Of. All. TIME. The story involves you as you read in first person. The story includes a plot line that highlights the development of an android through a range of emotions and his thoughts as he’s forced through various emotional tests: Despair, Anger, Betrayal, the emotions we run from and are tormented by. His thoughts through each emotion are highly relatable and remind you of personal experiences that seriously bond you with Able. At the end of each emotion/chapter are puzzles that reveal more about your personality than you may think. This is the first story I’ve read that also duel functions as a personality test. SUPER cool.

Additionally, the concept is great and the music to match the story is perfection. Make sure to listen with headphones!

Price: $1.99

Able Black

Whiteout – Note that the images shown below were promotional only and do NOT reflect imagery seen in the game. If it did then that would make it even more bad ass. But, on it’s own it’s awesome. It’s totally text based, giving you various options to choose from as the fictional character on the other end of your phone finds himself in difficult (to say the least) situations.


All the games provided by this builder are fan-fucking-tastic. Love them, if you’re a whore for story games like I am then you’ll love anything this company puts out. Plus, they have series. The plot line was long enough to last for a few days but not demanding enough that I felt like it was interrupting my daily activities. It was an immersive story with exciting plot twists and well developed characters.

Price: Free


OPUS –  This game made fall in love with it’s primary character: Emmeth. He is the most adorable little AI ever. He loves “Doctor,” the girlOPUS iOS Game who built him unconditionally. The kind of unconditionally that we all yearn for in life but sometimes feel may not exist. Doctor, Emmeth, and the  rest of the crew on a ship in space are stuck trying to re-locate Earth. Emmeth is assigned by Lisa to help find
Earth and wants nothing more than to make Doctor happy. So, you as Emmeth, use a telescope to analyze various planets in the universe and find earth.

Until one day everyone on the ship including Doctor are no where to be found and you’re left alone to complete your soul mission to find Earth.

This game was simple yet addicting. I would definitely recommend it as something to do when you’re bored and just want to mess around with something. I would NOT recommend purchasing the extended version beyond the trial. The extended version only lasted about five minutes longer than the trial which felt a little unfair. But, to it’s credit, the end made me cry. That’s right, I cried because of an app game. Let’s just say that I want an Emmeth in my life. He seems like he’s all about the support and love.

Price: $1.99

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