Fashion’s Smartest Dresses

Butterfly Dress by INTEL

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This dress is the stuff of dreams. The dress that every little girl imagined during play time… it’s basically a whimsical vision come to life from the mind of a genius. When I tell people the butterflies leave the dress only to rest back onto the shoulders of the lucky person wearing it… people don’t believe me. Why should they? We’ve never seen anything like it before. Then I show them and I get to be the lucky human that watches their mind getting blown.

Below is how the magic is made. Firstly, with your fashion basics such as fabrics, thread, rulers, etc. Then in comes the tech. Computer chips, plastic wings, and more of the necessary elements to blend just the right amount of art and science to create wonder. The dress is embedded with a proximity sensor that allows the butterflies to react to external stimuli.

โ€œIt is able to detect the presence of an approaching person,โ€ Ezra explained.

At first the butterflies flap slowly, then more fervently whenever a person approaches. Finally, the butterflies can release en masse in a dramatic launch triggered either by the approaching person or via a mobile device communicating with the dress over a wireless network.

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Cognitive LED Dress by IBM

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IBM’s goal? To show what it looks like when man works with machine to display community. This dress is all about others helping it glow along for the duration of it’s time in the spot light. First, the Marchesa design team selected five emotions they wanted the dress to convey — joy, passion, excitement, encouragement and curiosity. A team at IBM Research then fed this data into a cognitive color design tool to come up with colors that were aligned with these emotions. Kurkova (who wore the garment) took note of her fans emotional states as her dress changed through various color pallets. It was interesting to watch as she had a visual understanding of her friends sentiments during her experience… she was connected in a human way to human emotions. Through technology. For more check out this video as well:


Fiberoptic Cinderella Dress by Zac Posen

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Fiberoptic materials are all the rage right now. Creating a style that has never before been seen in fashion outside of rave events or burner scenes. This light-up fabric isn’t just about standing out. It’s about truly being seen no matter what light in which you’re cast. This fabric isn’t the easiest to get your hands on, though. Not found at common retailers you will have to spring for some Etsy love or designer garb to get your handsย on this unique style. Though, some may argue it’s totally worth it. And, because of the unique use of fabric I’m calling it one of fashion’s smartest dresses.


Intimacy 2.0 Dress by Anouk Wipprecht and Studio Roosegaarde

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tech blogger utahI call this the dress for feelers. For those who are brave in their emotional conviction. Well, you would have to be because the more open you’re feeling the more transparent the fabric slides. The more closed off you’re feeling the darker the fabric transitions. I love the whole idea. It’s like a mood ring on steroids. Now, of course, there are the logistics of basically being naked should you be around someone or a group of people with which you find yourself very comfortable. And, it’s beyond wearing your heart on your sleeve. It’s like turning your heart into your sleeve. Well, you get my point.

For many reasons I love this, but I think functionally it would only make sense as an accent piece such as a super modern shrug, rain coat, tank top with an edge or more. But not as a staple piece such as pants, blouse or full dress. They still have to work out the kinks but as a show item of technology and fashion it’s a beautiful marriage.

The Unseen

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By far the easiest on this list to actually purchase, The Unseen Emporium carries products with which the fabric will change depending on the environment. Hot, cold, altitude, you name it. Ranging from full jackets to notebooks the variety of product is perfect for those looking to get some high tech without a high price tag.

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