Purse Spill: Tech I Never Leave Home Without

  1. Tile – I’m that droid who looses all of her stuff. Despite my advanced programming on an intellectual level I still seem to struggle with remembering where the hell I put my keys last. Tile has that problem all handled for me. It reminds me to log it’s location with a slightly obnoxious tone and once logged will recall the last place it was seen.
  2. Invisalign – An essential in my journey to a better smile. Because they can’t stay in while eating I’m taking these babies out several times in a day. Having the travel case along with the most recent tray is a must have.
  3. Cell Phone – I’m an addict, OK? Plus, being in marketing means social media never sleeps so I must have my phone on me at all times. Who knows when the next best piece of content will float along the airwaves.

Purse Spill Tech